Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trying it out!

Wow, you really caught up! Well done! Sounds like you learned a lot from trying it out! Fantastic progress.
I can see this becoming fun!
If you want to borrow another projector, I can help you organize one. I also have RFID tags if that makes things easier.
Also, if max/msp does the recognition not good enough, you could try, that also has a nice vision library.
If you want to show your progress today in class, let me know.
Cant wai't to play it!

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  1. Thanks Floyd!

    Our exertion game has really started to gather some steam, and we've gained a much clearer vision in regards to the game we intend to make. Our preliminary game testing was extremely useful, and hopefully we can develop a compelling demonstration by next week.

    Also, whilst preparing for my presentation earlier this week - the one involving the use of an infrared LED pen to draw via the Wiimote - I started to think about how this method of motion tracking may be better than the hue detection in Max/MSP. For example, the bubbles that appear on our projection would be able to vary in colour, rather than just having to remain the same.

    I still really love the idea of colourful, over-sized mittens though, so perhaps we could have colourful, oversized mittens with IR LEDs at the tip of each index finger? Just a thought.

    Thanks again for the encouragement, Floyd. We'll try to update more regularly. :)