Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ideas/Uses on Bubble Popper.

I like the idea of using a bent, concave, convex. A Sphere or Spheroid would just be crazy. Awesome crazy, from the outside. The downside is, if we would need more than 2-3 projectors to to a sphere bubble popper.

Also, how are we going to find a building or a street that is concave/convex or sphere/spheroid?

Another idea that I have: if we can use two projectors inside the end of a huge hallway or tunnel, and project against the front wall and the side walls, It would create the effect that the users have to run around and look around to pop this bubbles. If we added another dimension to the game now...

Imagine that we created another projector that screened at the floor, and the user can only walk/run certain parts on the floor, with moving platforms. In that way the player not only has to pop the bubbles, but also make sure that he is jumping and standing in this moving squares on the floor on front of the convex wall.

To simplify things, we could do this on a flat wall with one projector only, it would only mean that the projector would have project screen the floor as well too with moving squares/platforms, and would then create a "twister" feel where players have to fight for the standing square PLUS pop the bubbles. That would make things more challenging and complicated :P

We have gathered some items for the Bubble Popper and I have drawn on paper most of this ideas on how we are going to develop our game. Id like to share this pictures on the blog soon. A picture can make a thousand words... or at least in this point make a better explanation of what I have in mind.

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