Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well we've all been busy with other assignments lately but I made a few simple updates to the current version of the bubble popper and have a whole load more that I would like to add.

Currently I've added a simple 60 second count-down timer so that when the time runs out for the end of the round it goes back to the loading screen (for now).

Before I make any major updates I'd really like to get the multi-player scoring system working as I think the competitiveness between players really brought out the fun in the game. The only idea I can think of but haven't researched yet is to use coloured mitts with a webcam detecting the colour, but I'm not sure how to check which colour clicked on a bubble so I need some help there.

Other ideas I would like to implement once that is all finished are:

A choice of playing styles, such as Challenge Mode, Cooperative Mode and Time Trial Mode
Challenge Mode would be simply to pop more bubbles/other objects than your opponent
Cooperative Mode would be working as a team to hit a certain amount of bubbles per level before you run out of time.
Time Trial Mode would be to see how many bubbles you could pop in a set amount of time

Multiple levels with different objects, sounds backgrounds etc

Larger playing area (bigger the better) with more objects on the screen at a time

I think I had more ideas but I've forgotten them already :P Some of the ideas we got from the feedback 2 weeks ago were also good but I forgot those as well.

What else do you guys think needs improving/changing/replacing?


  1. Great work, Dan. I look forward to seeing the changes. As it stands, I think we're all in agreement that a refined version of Bubble Popper for the final demo night is the way to go. All we need to do is clear up the multiplayer and scoring issues, and then we can concentrate on embelishing the game with extra features.

    Nick came up with an idea for implementing multiplayer, which basically involves making the the IR LEDs flash at varying frequencies in order to differentiate between the players. The downside is that we may need to alter some of the code in the Wiimote Whiteboard and/or write the entire bubble popping program in C#.

    Probably best to speak with Nick directly, and let him explain it.

    We should probably get together at some point to discuss feasibility and so forth. Everyone's pretty busy at the moment, so perhaps a weekend meeting is in order?

    Let me know, y'all.


  2. So is the Bubble Popper just going to be Bubble Popper 2? Is there any new concept demoed beyond multiplayer?