Monday, March 29, 2010

New Game Idea - Bubble Pop

Hey guys, here's a slightly updated version of the game idea from last Thursday:

Bubble Pop

How To Play

Each player (between 2-4) is given a pair of over-sized, brightly coloured mittens to wear. These players are thus identified by the colour of their mittens. The field of play is any area where the equipment may be set up so it faces a wall. The object of the game is for each player to wave their coloured gloves in front of the bubble(s) that appear randomly upon the wall, before anybody else does.When the mittens are waved in front of a bubble, the bubble pops, the colour of the mittens that popped it are detected, and a point is then awarded to the corresponding player.

How It Works

A ceiling mounted projector places the bubble images onto the wall. A digital camera is placed away from the field of play and facing the wall, but placed behind the players. This camera relays information to a nearby computer that uses Max MSP to detect the colour - and hence, position - of the mittens. When a mitten colour coincides with the placement of a bubble, the bubble pops, and a point is awarded to the player of the corresponding colour.

Are we all happy with this idea? Comments? Suggestions?

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