Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bubble Pop - Preliminary Game Test

Hey guys.

Yesterday, Nick, Dan and I went to one of the lecture rooms to do a preliminary games test for Bubble Pop. Nick and Dan were the active game testers, whilst I moved a mouse cursor around on the projected screen as a substitute for the 'bubbles' that would appear intermittently.

Between keeping score, I also managed to take some notes, which provides us with useful feedback on the game we're trying to make.

Here are the suggestions, in no particular order:
  • The game should institute rounds of increasing difficulty.
  • Jumping to get the dot is much more fun than when doing so from a standing position.
  • It is much more fun to not know when the dot is about to appear.
  • A wider projection would be better, to institute more movement amongst players. Ideally, a full room with four walls and four projectors would be best, but that is unfeasible with our budget.
  • Bubble Pop could record player heights at the start by asking players to the wall and place their hands (mittens) on their head. This would inform the maximum bubble height.
  • Multiple bubbles would be more fun. Perhaps starting out with one bubble, then increasing the bubble amount and difficulty.
  • Bubbles occurring at very low points would add variation, and level the playing field for shorter players.
  • Bubbles start small and grow bigger. Bigger bubbles give higher points. This encourages players to move around for all bubbles, rather than just dominate one area.
Thanks for participating guys!

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